BMW’s First Electric Vehicle: i3

BMW’s new i3 is going to make its first debut in the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.  They say the car will go for sale at the end of this year in Europe, China and the United States.  The i3 can go up to 80-99 miles on one charge.  But with the eco-modes and the available EV range extender you can go up to 136 miles.  The EV range extender include a small 2 cylinder motorcycle engine and a generator to add another 81 miles to the range.  EcoPro+ mode turns of all features that use electricity except safety systems such as ABS and ESC.  This gives the car another 25 miles of range.  Even though BMW has not come out with a price yet for this car, they have received several hundred orders in advance for the new car.  The first luxury electric vehicle has come out and its on its way and in production at the end of this year.


3D Printed Car?

The 3D printer has changed the world.  With the idea of being able to print out whatever you want, the idea is becoming appealing to many people.  They have started to make 3D printers for at home and schools all around the globe are hoping to get their hands on a couple.  But could you believe a car that was 3D printed?  Well the Urbee 2 is the first of its kind.  The Urbee 2 is a light weight 2 passenger fuel efficient car that is completely 3D printed.  If you’re wondering how they printed a car, this is how.  The material used is at first a liquid form.  The printer puts on layer after layer and when it dries it becomes a lightweight, strong and composite plastic.  The Urbee 2 was not made in thousands of different pieces, it was rather made out of 3 main core pieces.  This made it cheaper and easier to build.  You might think that because its made out of plastic that it will wear and not last long, but this car was designed to last over 30 years.  Plus with the engine it has under the hood, you wont be needing gas all that often.  It’s a one cylinder, 8 horsepower engine.  The engine is an Ethanol/Electric hybrid.  This ingenious mix gives the car a jaw-dropping 200 mpg highway.  Although the car doesn’t have much power, it makes up for it with its weight.  It weighs about 1200 pounds, half the weight of an average car or the same as two motorcycles.  Because of the light weight, the Urbee 2 still gets up to 70 mph.

The 3D printing technology has collided with fuel efficient cars and made something truly remarkable.  The makers of the vehicle are planning to have it road ready in about two years.  When it is, they plan to drive it from San Francisco to New York on just ten gallons of Ethanol.  I think this car has potential.  What about you?

Famous Actors/Actresses Cars

I’ve always wondered what kind of cars very famous and rich people could afford.  This is why I finally decided to find out for myself.

I’m going to start off with Ben Affleck.  He drives one of the very nicest luxury cars on the road, an Audi S8.  This large sporty yet luxurious car comes in at $110,000.  This car has lots of elegance and kick of sport when you want to have some fun

Will Farrel was seen driving a Nissan Leaf.  This shows that he is making an effort to help save our planet.  This is exactly the kind of car I myself could see Will Farrel driving.  This economically sound car that starts at 28,000 dollars.

One of the famous actresses, Cameron Diaz, unfortunately drives a Toyota Prius.  This is an example of another celebrity that is trying to help our planet.  This car gets an estimated 50 mpg.  This car comes in at 24,200 dollars.

Matt Damon seems like the kind of guy that would have some pretty intense cars, because of his Bourne series.  But no.  This is yet another example of a big time actor that is helping the planet.  Matt Damon drives a Toyota Prius and a Lexus Hybrid.

Megan Fox actually drives a Mercedes G550 SUV.  It’s a very expensive SUV that comes with many options like adjustable suspension.  This super luxurious off road car comes in at 113,000 dollars.

Will Smith owns one of the most prestigious and luxurious production cars in the world.  His Maybach 57s has twin turbo chargers putting out 620 horsepower.  This car is powerful and luxurious and starts at a mind boggling 380,000 dollars.

How to Install a Muffler


If you don’t have a big enough room to work in, that’s what your going to need first.  Then once you have a decently sized room with enough space to work comfortably, you are going to need a car lift.  If you don’t have one and you’re working from home, that’s no problem.  All you need is a heavy duty jack to jack your car up off the ground.  Never work under your car if it is unsafe or not held up properly or running.  Next, you should take off your old exhaust by undoing the clamp that is securing it to the catalytic.  If you cannot do this, then you may just have to cut past the pipe through to the converter.  Working backwards from the converter, take the exhaust off of the brackets it’s hanging on and take it out.  Put together your new exhaust but don’t tighten the clamps too much, because you will probably need to make more minor adjustments later when you’re sliding it into place.  Move your new exhaust into place and aline it with the stalk hanging brackets.  If it is a name brand or respected exhaust brand like Banks or Bassani Exhaust, it will most likely connect directly to the stock brackets.  Once the entire exhaust is correctly in place, you can tighten all the clamps all the way and lower your car.  You should start the car up to check for leaks and also to hear the amazing sound of your new exhaust.  Because your exhaust is going to move around a lot while driving, the safe way to go is to check the clamps and re-tighten them in about 2 weeks.

Here’s a link of a video on how to install your muffler:    

A Classic Battle



The battle between the two classic pony cars, the Mustang and the Camaro, started in 1965 when the first mustang was built out of off the shelf parts.  Chevy then came out with their own heavier and more powerful camaro in 1967.  From that point on, the pony car battle was on.  There were always differences between the two cars.  The Ford always had better handling and sharper steering while the Camaro had more power.  When Ford came out with the Mustang Boss 302, it was the top of the line pony car.  No one could beat the mustang.  But when Chevy brought back the new and improved Camaro in 2010, it was more sophisticated and was beating the Boss 302 in many categories.  In order to get back out on top of the Camaro ZL1,  they came out with the new Shelby GT 5oo.  This was arguably the best Mustang ever built.  It has 5.8 liter turbocharged V8 with 650 horsepower and has been known to hit over 200mph.  Although this car has astounding power, professionals have preferred the Camaro over the Mustang because it is simply more sophisticated.  Its advanced suspension and quieter muffler makes the Camaro an easy car for around town yet extremely aggressive on the track.  It all depends on what you want.  Do you want a nicely made car that puts it all together or do you want a car with pure power to try and push it all out.



I was very excited when I heard they were coming out with a new Dodge Viper or SRT Viper in 2013.  It’s been nearly two years since Vipers shutdown and i think all SRT did in these two years was make it better.  The Viper has many new high-tech features like adjustable suspension and launch control, but the the design still gives you that Viper feeling.  With an available 8.4 liter v-10,  you will have an overwhelming 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque in your control.  The launch control gives you a 0-60 mph in the mid 3 sec and a quarter mile in 11’s and 12’s.  The Viper will come out at the end of the year.  The higher end GTS model starts slightly above $120,000.  Hopefully this car drives as well as it looks.