Google Glass and Cars?

Google Glass could be bad and good for cars.  One major thing about Google Glass is that you can pay attention to the road while doing other things since they are see through.  For example, Glass can give you directions to your destination without having to look down at a screen.  There would be a heads-up display you would see.  It would be like having the gps on the windshield.  You would be completely focused on the road and looking at the road and at the same time you would be getting directions to a certain place.  You could also integrate Google Glass with cars from another perspective.  Say you are in your garage fixing your car.  With Google Glass you can have a list of instructions on your heads-up display, allowing you to fix your car without having to look down at a book of directions.  This will help you finish your fixes and projects much faster and much more efficiently.  And once you have finished building your car or making your fix, you can take a picture or a video instantly and share it with your friends.

You can also go online with the Google Glass and search for different things that you want or need.  If you need a certain piece to continue or finish your build, voice command your Google Glass to go online and find it.  Make calls around to your friends with Google Glass to check if any of them have the part.

Your options with Google Glass are endless.  You can use it with so many different things.  You can integrate the Google Glass with cars in many more ways than I just explained, which shows the vast amount of opportunity available.


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