My Competition

Whats the Web Address?  The blog that I am going to look into is

How frequently is the blog updated?  Based on the amount of blogs Motoren has, I think he updates his blog about every 3 days.  But when he updates it, he puts anywhere from 3-7 new blogs on his post.

How long is the average blog post in number of words?  On average, his posts are about 450-500 words long.  I think that they are long because this blog is mainly informational and its trying to give you info.

Do they have one author or multiple authors?  There is only one author on this blog.  His blogs are very long and sometimes he does more than 5 in one day.  This tells me that he is passionate for what he is doing.  He does a lot of research and spends a good chunk of his day blogging.

How often do they use videos or images?  Motoren uses images in every one of his blogs.  He uses up to 13 images even in one blog post.

What is the source of their posts?  As far as I can tell, Motoren gets all of his information completely from research.  He starts to form his own opinions based on his research by comparing it with older models and other competitors.

How popular is the blog?  It is very hard to tell how popular the blog is because I can’t find any stats.  But all of the posts that I have looked at have had 1 comment or fewer.  This doesn’t mean that it didn’t get a lot of views, but it means that people didn’t take the time to comment on it.  This surprises me because all of the posts are very professional and informational.

After reviewing this blog what changes might I make to your own blog?  This post makes me think about a lot of changes I could make on my blog.  I could definitely put more pictures in each one of my blogs.  This would intrigue people to look at the post and to see what the pictures are of.  I could also blog more often.  Its hard for me to blog a lot because I have other things like sports and school.  But if I had some good free time, I would try and blog some.


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