This is the link to one of the blog posts I commented on.  It’s about an old mustang called the Shelby GT500 Super Snake.  There was only one ever built in the world.  The picture that I saw made it look like one of the nicest Mustangs I’ve ever seen.   The blogger gives the story behind the car and explains how it was made and who has owned it over the years.  He also explains what kind of performance the car has to.

This post was about a new Lincoln coming out in 2014.  The new Lincoln MKC is a very nice looking car.  Lincoln has always been able to stay unique from every other car which is one of the reasons I think that it’s been able to stay in business.  Click on the link if you want to see more on the New Lincoln. Click on the link below if you want to visit Lincolns site and look at some 360 views of the car.|5667419702|11641779468


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