Car Video Games

I am a huge fan of cars and I get all of the new car games when they come out.  I am always excited to see if the graphics of gotten any better if they have added any knew cars.  There are many different series of car games such as Test Drive, Need For Speed, Forza, Burnout, etc.  Some of these games have different styles of play.  I own 3 out of 4 of these games and I have played the other one.  One of my favorites is Test Drive Unlimited 2.  This game isn’t all about the racing, but it is also about lifestyle.  In this game you are able to start your own life in Ibiza.  You can buy your own cars, and they don’t have to be racing cars like Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s.  They can be SUV’s like Mercedes and Audi’s.  By winning races you can earn money to buy yourself knew houses, new furniture for you houses, new clothes, and of course, more new cars.  This game is realistic because you can get out of your car and walk around in clothing shops, car dealers, your house and more.  You can interact with other players online when they are out of their car or in it.  You can visit them in there house and challenge them to races to see who’s got more skill.  Forza Horizon is my next favorite car game.  This game has some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen.  You can free roam on all the roads with your cars or you can continue racing in the story mode.  You can change many different aspects of the car like visuals and performance.  You can upgrade things like brakes, steering, engine, blowers, exhaust systems, etc.  This game has a focus for graphics and story mode.  Both are great.  If I were going to get a car game, it would definitely be one of these two.


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