This is the link to one of the blog posts I commented on.  It’s about an old mustang called the Shelby GT500 Super Snake.  There was only one ever built in the world.  The picture that I saw made it look like one of the nicest Mustangs I’ve ever seen.   The blogger gives the story behind the car and explains how it was made and who has owned it over the years.  He also explains what kind of performance the car has to.

This post was about a new Lincoln coming out in 2014.  The new Lincoln MKC is a very nice looking car.  Lincoln has always been able to stay unique from every other car which is one of the reasons I think that it’s been able to stay in business.  Click on the link if you want to see more on the New Lincoln. Click on the link below if you want to visit Lincolns site and look at some 360 views of the car.|5667419702|11641779468


Car Video Games

I am a huge fan of cars and I get all of the new car games when they come out.  I am always excited to see if the graphics of gotten any better if they have added any knew cars.  There are many different series of car games such as Test Drive, Need For Speed, Forza, Burnout, etc.  Some of these games have different styles of play.  I own 3 out of 4 of these games and I have played the other one.  One of my favorites is Test Drive Unlimited 2.  This game isn’t all about the racing, but it is also about lifestyle.  In this game you are able to start your own life in Ibiza.  You can buy your own cars, and they don’t have to be racing cars like Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s.  They can be SUV’s like Mercedes and Audi’s.  By winning races you can earn money to buy yourself knew houses, new furniture for you houses, new clothes, and of course, more new cars.  This game is realistic because you can get out of your car and walk around in clothing shops, car dealers, your house and more.  You can interact with other players online when they are out of their car or in it.  You can visit them in there house and challenge them to races to see who’s got more skill.  Forza Horizon is my next favorite car game.  This game has some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen.  You can free roam on all the roads with your cars or you can continue racing in the story mode.  You can change many different aspects of the car like visuals and performance.  You can upgrade things like brakes, steering, engine, blowers, exhaust systems, etc.  This game has a focus for graphics and story mode.  Both are great.  If I were going to get a car game, it would definitely be one of these two.

How to Find a First Car In High School

Kids in High School are always eager to get their license and then there first car.  They want to be able to drive because they can get places faster and with less effort, most teenagers are lazy.  Teenagers never have a problem with getting their license, the problem comes when they want their first car.  Most kids want a car that is fast and strong that they can show off to their peers.  But with the gas prices these days, they don’t understand that any car with a V8 is going to cost a fortune for gas.  The average teenager is not allowed to get a new car unless they pay with their own money, and most teenagers don’t have that kind of money by the time they want their first car.  Many teenagers want to take their friends places, like camping, up to Tahoe, maybe to the beach.  So a smaller sedan is not going to do it.  That’s how I came to my conclusion.  I’ve decided that an older Toyota pick up is the best first car for a teenager.  The old Toyota trucks have 6 cylinder engines which means that they get slightly better gas mileage.  They are also very reliable and have been reliable for a very long time.  This is good because teenagers normally do not have enough money to fix cars when they break down.  They also have a bed in the back of the truck so that you can put your friends stuff in it.  Overall, it is economical, reliable, and sociable.