Famous Actors/Actresses Cars

I’ve always wondered what kind of cars very famous and rich people could afford.  This is why I finally decided to find out for myself.

I’m going to start off with Ben Affleck.  He drives one of the very nicest luxury cars on the road, an Audi S8.  This large sporty yet luxurious car comes in at $110,000.  This car has lots of elegance and kick of sport when you want to have some fun

Will Farrel was seen driving a Nissan Leaf.  This shows that he is making an effort to help save our planet.  This is exactly the kind of car I myself could see Will Farrel driving.  This economically sound car that starts at 28,000 dollars.

One of the famous actresses, Cameron Diaz, unfortunately drives a Toyota Prius.  This is an example of another celebrity that is trying to help our planet.  This car gets an estimated 50 mpg.  This car comes in at 24,200 dollars.

Matt Damon seems like the kind of guy that would have some pretty intense cars, because of his Bourne series.  But no.  This is yet another example of a big time actor that is helping the planet.  Matt Damon drives a Toyota Prius and a Lexus Hybrid.

Megan Fox actually drives a Mercedes G550 SUV.  It’s a very expensive SUV that comes with many options like adjustable suspension.  This super luxurious off road car comes in at 113,000 dollars.

Will Smith owns one of the most prestigious and luxurious production cars in the world.  His Maybach 57s has twin turbo chargers putting out 620 horsepower.  This car is powerful and luxurious and starts at a mind boggling 380,000 dollars.


How to Install a Muffler


If you don’t have a big enough room to work in, that’s what your going to need first.  Then once you have a decently sized room with enough space to work comfortably, you are going to need a car lift.  If you don’t have one and you’re working from home, that’s no problem.  All you need is a heavy duty jack to jack your car up off the ground.  Never work under your car if it is unsafe or not held up properly or running.  Next, you should take off your old exhaust by undoing the clamp that is securing it to the catalytic.  If you cannot do this, then you may just have to cut past the pipe through to the converter.  Working backwards from the converter, take the exhaust off of the brackets it’s hanging on and take it out.  Put together your new exhaust but don’t tighten the clamps too much, because you will probably need to make more minor adjustments later when you’re sliding it into place.  Move your new exhaust into place and aline it with the stalk hanging brackets.  If it is a name brand or respected exhaust brand like Banks or Bassani Exhaust, it will most likely connect directly to the stock brackets.  Once the entire exhaust is correctly in place, you can tighten all the clamps all the way and lower your car.  You should start the car up to check for leaks and also to hear the amazing sound of your new exhaust.  Because your exhaust is going to move around a lot while driving, the safe way to go is to check the clamps and re-tighten them in about 2 weeks.

Here’s a link of a video on how to install your muffler:              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8vwHv-EKcU